Why was Brighter Horizons Born?

Brighter Horizons was created in amidst of a lot of uncertainty in the world, more and more people are suffering with self healing and mindset issues. I myself suffer with anxiety and depression due to my past experiences. I, however am no longer medicated for these, as I have learnt to deal with and cope with issues as they arise. 

For me personally I don’t want to see school children anxious, and I mean 4, 5, 6 years old, not even senior school. It is our belief at Brighter Horizons that if you are taught coping techniques from the earliest point in school, then by adulthood nothing should faze you, or if it does you have the strategy there to help you.

We aim to work with bullies as well. This is because the person who is bullied usually gets the help or an attempt at help, well why not go to the route cause, the bully. There is usually a logical reason why they are bullying and if you can teach the bully to deal with it, face it and utilise techniques, the bullying should stop.

We aim to go into corporate businesses and high stress work environments to teach them coping strategies and get their number of sick days down, we will  ensure that every member of the team that takes part in our courses knows they are valued as a member of staff and without them the company is one cog short of a full working set up.

Brighter Horizons is here to help any one who has, is, or may suffer from self healing and mindset, be you 5, 55, 105 or older. We are here for you, to help you live the life you deserve and desire.